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Welcome to KNATURALS

KNATURALS is an organic ayurvedic brand in India. Combining quality standards with age-old herbal knowledge, we offer a variety of pure and natural beauty products to make your everyday life more beautiful – naturally. KNATURALS wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the culture of Burma with its friendly and openhearted people, who introduced us to our first beauty product - Pure Thanaka Powder.



Should you be interested in this opportunity to complement your existing business or start a new one feel free to CONTACT US for our wholesale price list and further details. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can e-mail us at knaturals4u@gmail.com


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1156, Raviwar Peth,
Brahmapuri, 2nd Floor,
Kapadganj, Pune - 411002
Maharashtra, India

Email us: knaturals4u@gmail.com

Call us: +91 9158077392