Benefits of Thanaka



Incredible Skin Benefits of Thanaka

 A small tree from Myanmar, Thanaka has an important use in daily Burmese life. Every day, the Burmese apply a natural cosmetic paste to their skin made from the Thanaka tree that is ground on a stone slab called Kyauk Pyin. This paste has varying benefits that range from skincare to traditional medicine and here we present five amazing skin benefits of Thanaka.

1. Natural sun protection

To protect their skin from the blazing heat, the Burmese discovered that Thanaka paste makes a highly effective sunscreen. Even after many hours of hard work in the rice fields, Thanaka cream protects against sunburn and dehydration. By covering the face in cream, Thanaka is a natural and efficient alternative to sunblock.

2. Refines the pores

When dirt particles become embedded in pores, they can make them appear larger and more noticeable. Thanaka paste is a highly effective deep cleanser which helps to reduce the appearance of pores, removes impurities and contributes to a cleaner complexion.

3. Provides a cooling effect

Thanaka provides the skin with a refreshing feeling after each application. It leaves the skin feeling cool and adds sufficient hydration to make you feel rejuvenated and renewed.

4. Antioxidants

According to studies, Thanaka powder helps to reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals occur as a result of natural processes in the body and are atoms with an odd number of electrons. Free radicals need to be eliminated by the body’s own antioxidants in order to prevent serious skin diseases, such as cancer. When applied to the skin, Thanaka provides a natural infusion of antioxidants to avoid these health conditions.

5. Regulates moisture

Thanaka helps to balance the skin by removing and controlling excess oil. This process prevents the outbreak of blemishes, removes blackheads and reduces the appearance of acne related skin imperfections. Studies have also shown that Thanaka has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to reduce imperfections and keep your skin clear.

The effects of Thanaka vary, as does the diversity of its potential uses. Learn more about Thanaka and discover more beauty tips on our Beauty Guide.