Thanaka Powder (1 kg - Refill Pack) & Kusuma Oil (1000 ml)

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Thanaka Powder is an all-natural powder made out of hand-selected barks from the Burmese Thanaka tree. Thanaka Powder nourishes, cleanses and calms your skin with its rich and natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types. The Thanaka Powder is safely packed in our refill pack.

Ingredients: 100% Limonia Acidissima Powder (Grade A Thanaka Powder)

Size: 1000 gms (1 kg) refill packing

How does the Thanaka Powder and Kusuma Oil works and results in permanent hair removal?
Thanaka Powder And Kusuma Oil is basically mixture that makes the hair root weaker day by day (because it will have concentrated thanaka proteins) by cutting down the nutrient supply to hair root, when nutrient supply to hair root is cut down then hair roots automatically which is similar to male baldness pattern. This method makes Hair Free skin to remove the follicles forever (hair removal) which look like shaven haircut and never makes short hair and highly beneficial to head-shaving. The hair growth which will get inhibit, hence hair growth will make hair cells permanently destroys, hair growth/hair follicle completely get destroyed. All hair type permanently gets removed and hence this hair removal method is the best pain free, hair free method globally.