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Thanaka Oil


Thanaka Oil is a mixture of Thanaka Powder, Thanaka Oil Leaves, and Kusuma Oil. Thanaka Oil contains coumarin, marmesin, and a number of natural fatty acids such as Omega 6. These fatty acids help moisturize your skin and prevent it from producing excessive facial oil. The combination of fatty acids and coumarin in Thanaka Oil works as a permanent hair removal substance and also an anti-aging and antioxidant property giving a cleansing agent for your skin to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and dirt.

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Thanaka oil is extracted from the leaves and bark of Thanaka trees aged 20+ years. The Thanaka oil is used as base oil and mixed with Kusuma oil to create the perfect mix for permanent hair removal. It can also be used as a moisturizer and for hair removal as well. It helps softens dryness, and smooth roughness, and soothes skin problems. The mixture of Kusuma oil & Thanaka Powder is Cold pressed and of a good grade.

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